Computer Support and Services

Computer Support and Services

Micro Assistive Tech provides a high-quality support & service along with its core business of Assistive Technology Solutions. We have a broad range of exceptional & affordable business IT solutions for our customers with regular as well as special needs.

Previously known as Microcomputer Science Centre since 1982 and rebranded as Micro Assistive Tech in 2018, we continue to deliver constant IT support to all our Educational and Corporate business clients in the GTA. We ensure to listen to our clients well and understand their objectives clearly before offering our recommendations or arriving at any solutions. This is our core philosophy that guides our hardware, software and service solutions. All our decisions are based on the customer satisfaction while we value their opinion, consider all feasible options & understand our competition.

For years, Micro Assistive Tech Inc. has displayed versatility to help companies of all sizes and from different industries to establish their footing in the IT marketplace. With the right IT partner, you can close all gaps and

remain updated for the years to come.

Step-by-Step Approach

What makes Micro AT Services unique is, our ability to not only address & completely understand the problem at hand, but to find the right solution that is also compatible with our Assistive software and different operating systems.

Prior to identifying a solution for our client, our service team runs through a comprehensive analysis that helps us uncover all areas that require our attention & examination. We understand that IT isn’t static, different problems can arise any time and we need to stay prepared.

Remote or On-site Support.

A range of options from cloud-based to private solutions, that fit your business needs and IT demands. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that client is able to overcome any challenge & gets his job done.

Looking to fulfill warranty or buy extended warranties?

Our customer service staff is available on all weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. We take a pride

in answering all our calls & prioritize our customer’s needs.

We hope to earn an opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities. Call us today for a no obligation initial consultation.

Call: 905 233 2592 or at our toll-free number 888 588 6360.