Innovative Chromebook software

MagniLink ChromeViewerTM  is an innovative software used on a Chromebook to display image from a MagniLink reading camera system.

The software controls the properties of the room camera, such as magnification, artificial colors and light levels, and allows the user to individually adjust for the best experience. 

Functionality MagniLink ChromeViewer TM :

  • Different color and light settings, such as natural and artificial colors.
  • Different magnification.
  • Lockable auto focus.
  • Take and view pictures.
  • Record and view video.
  • Mirror, rotate and freeze images.
  • Automatic Updates (requires internet)
  • Different help lines to facilitate reading.
  • Control of functions in different ways. Either via menus, keyboard shortcuts or buttons on the reading camera control panel.
  • Configuring your own keyboard shortcuts.
  • The camera image is placed at the top / front of all opened applications.
  • Select multiple active image sharing modes and switch between them. 

    Recommended system requirements:
  • 1 integrated USB 3.0 port
  • Intel i5 processor
  • 4 GB of RAM

LVI has tested the software on several Intel-based Chromebooks without any problems, but it is not guaranteed that the system will work on all Chromebooks. 


MagniLink ChromeViewer TM  is designed for Chromebook and can easily be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. There is similar software, but not with exactly the same functionality, for PC or Mac. The purchase of MagnLink S Premium and MagniLink Pro includes the software. For several of our other reading cameras, the software can be purchased as an option.

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MagniLink ChromeViewer

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