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MagniLink S Premium 2 is the ultimate video magnifier for the highest standards of quality and mobility. With MagniLink S Premium 2, you get superior image quality, modern technology and smart features. It's also easy to carry, for example, between home and school or workplace, and easily connects to PC (Mac / Chromebook) or monitor. You choose the features and accessories that suit your needs.

Superior image quality - select HD or FHD

MagniLink S Premium 2 is based on state-of-the-art technology and features outstanding color reproduction, sharpness and contrast. The result is superior image quality that provides maximum reading speed and endurance. You can choose MagniLink S Premium 2 either with HD or Full HD camera.

Image quality HD

60 digital full-frame images per second make sure that the screen retention is just a memory. This, along with high brightness and contrast, high quality, light-sensitive camera, HDMI connection and high-definition camera (720p), create a calm and comfortable image with sharp edges.

Full HD picture quality

MagniLink S Premium 2 with Full HD (1 080p), 60-pixel full-frame images per second, high brightness / contrast, and high-quality, light-sensitive camera provide a smooth and comfortable image with sharp edges. Simply stunning image quality. With Full HD, you'll see many more details in texts as well as pictures, and you get the sharpest possible picture in both reading and distance modes. Full HD provides lower initial magnification, giving even better overview of materials to be read. It is also possible to OCR treat an entire A4 page (with optional TTS Text to Speech). 
Simple and flexible

MagniLink S Premium 2 is always available - easy to set up and ready to use in seconds. The system occupies a minimal desk surface thanks to the retractable support legs, which allow the reading camera to be placed close to your laptop, either on the left or right side. Also suitable for smaller desktops. You switch easily between distance and read mode. Just turn up the camera head and open the camera lens and the reading camera becomes a remote camera on the direct. The user never needs to worry about battery power or lost charger because the device is powered by the computer.
The software is included

Software for use with computer included. The software controls the properties of the scout camera, such as magnification, artificial colors and brightness, and gives the user the opportunity for individual adjustments for the best experience. Smart features that increase participation - at school, at work and at home! The PC software (see MagniLink PCViewer ), Mac (see MagniLink S ) and Chromebook (see MagniLink ChromeViewer ) do not have exactly the same functionality, but all have unique and innovative features.

MagniLink S Premium 2 is compatible with various utilities such as ZoomText and SuperNova.
TTS (Text to Speech) as an option for PC and Mac

For PC and Mac, you can also choose TTS (Text To Speech) as an option. Then the unit can also convert printed text to numbers. Giving the text read while reading reads more reading comprehension and perseverance in reading. You choose how you want the text to be presented; line by line, word word, paragraph by piece, image and word or picture and line. You can easily follow the on-screen text while listening. The software detects the language used in the text and adjusts the voice of the current language.

The text can also be saved and opened in a correction or processing editor. Up to a whole A4 page can be loaded at once, and with quick commands, you can quickly and efficiently load multiple pages within a few seconds.
Smart accessories

We offer a wide range of unique accessories that make your MagniLink S Premium 2 more useful, more efficient and even smarter! For example:

  • Smart docking stations.  With a docking station, your MagniLink S Premium 2 converts to a stationary system when needed. You switch between having the device in the docking station or stand-alone in seconds. All docking stations are supplied with an external control panel. You can choose from docking station with X / Y board, docking station with desk clamp or flatbed docking station.
  • High quality LVI monitors  (18.5 "or 23"), specially developed for users with impaired vision.
  • Includes 2-in-1 bag , big enough to fit the reading camera and a 15.4 "laptop.
  • Motorized remote camera  for situations where a two-room solution may be required.

The MagniLink S PREMIUM – portable camera for WIN/MAC (USB3) and monitor (HDMI)

1. Choose HD or FHD reading/distance/mirror camera

2. Choose (if needed) Text To Speech and/or Docking Station

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MagniLink S Premium 2

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