• LVI-MagniLink Vision Full HD

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MagniLink Vision Full HD        MLV-FHD

Best picture quality with true Full HD - endless possibilities!

MagniLink Vision is a modular system that allows you to choose the best combination of camera, screen size and control panel that best suits your particular needs. The system offers the best picture quality and you can choose between True HD (720p) and True Full HD (1 080p).

A video magnifier with all the necessary features included. Modern and flexible for home use.

MagniLink Vision PremiumMagniLink Vision Premium

Main Features

  • All models are height adjustable for an ideal reading position. 

  • A paperstop located in the centre of the smooth reading table helps you navigate and allows a working position where the arms are held close to your body.

  • All lightweight aluminium and plastic items are recyclable.

  • Each product is individually tested for optimized  picture quality.

  • Masters all lighting conditions and the user can choose between different lighting modes.

    Please Note:

    (Optional Choice Items - Must be ordered with unit. - Costs shown)

    Magnilink Vision Premium Full HD

    1. Choose HD or FHD reading camera, with reading table or table clamp

    2. Choose (if needed) Monitor.(18.5" Monitor $595.00) or (23" Monitor $910.00)

    3. MagniLink Vision 3 knob panel. $325.00

    4. MagniLink Vision 3 push panel. $325.00

    5. MagniLink Vision 5 push panel. $390.00

    6. MagniLink Vision external control box [5 push panel]. $390.00

    7. MagniLink DVI Switch. $325.00

    8.  MagniLink software license key for computer connection WIN/MAC [USB cable included]. $325.00 

    9. MagniLink Vision TTS [TTS-module + control box incl American English voices + 1 extra voice package] $1300.00

    10. Additional TTS language. $145.00

    Ask for Special pricing.


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LVI-MagniLink Vision Full HD

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