Quick and stylish reading machine that's unbeatable easy to handle.

MagniLink Voice 2

MagniLink Voice 2  is the reading machine focusing on simplicity, high performance and modern design. The user-friendly reading machine that exceeds expectations!

Easy to use

MagniLink Voice 2 is very easy to use - just press the orange button and the text is converted to numbers!

Design and function in harmony

High-quality materials, details and finishes ensure stability as well as durability. At home or at the office -MagniLink Voice 2 adorns its place in all environments.

Easy to bring

Both durability and smoothness make MagniLink Voice 2 perfect for moving around as well as traveling.


  • Easy to start, lift up the camera arm and get started
  • Customizable to the user through adjustable read speed, volume, different audio profiles, voices, lights, and more

  • Also reads misplaced documents

  • Reads an entire A4 sheet

  • Automatic Language Identification

  • Large depth of field - provides excellent results when scanning thick books

  • Can read documents from USB

  • Voice support for all functions

 MagniLink Voice [Incuding monitor output (HDMI), carrying case, AC Powered, control box, incl. US, and local voices] 

Optional Choice Items 

1. Battery. Choose a high performance battery with up to five hours of operation. Part # B1 $390.00

2. Additional TTS language $145.00

Output for screen. With this option, the scanned text is displayed on a screen so that you can read and hear the text at the same time. This facilitates orientation in the document and improves reading comprehension.

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MagniLink Voice 2

  • $3,740.30

  • Ex Tax: $3,310.00

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