ILA Pro Unlimited by TranslateLive

Additional Info: With ILA Pro Unlimited never worry about mins or subscription costs!

Package Includes:

ILA Pro (Wifi Only)

Unlimited ILA Service

3 year warranty.

The ILA Pro Unlimited

                                             AI Translation and Accessibility for the Professional World 

ILA Pro adds real-time communication capabilities to your business. No more awkward waiting time for translation. The pre-loaded ILA software on screens on both sides of the device helps to make the translation faster & easier sincee it is ready to go.

Translate Live uses state of the art artificial intelligence and the ILA Pro system to make customer service in multiple languages faster and easier than ever before. Customers can speak naturally, or type in their own language and see what is said on both ends – preventing confusion and increasing sales potential.

NEW Fully Accessible Communication Device for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind and Deaf/Blind.

 1. The ILA devices are built to help people with disabilities. 

2. Just speak or type, the conversation is instantly transcribed and shown to both people in real-time. 
3. The ILA by Translate Live allows people to have a natural conversation that is not only transcribed in real time but can also be translated in over 120 languages and dialects.

 How ILA Works

The dual sided ILA Pro allows those who speak different languages or have different communication abilities to instantly and effectively communicate in real-time in over 120 languages and dialects.

Simply speak or type into the device. The text will then instantly appear to both users in their chosen language. It’s accurate, encrypted and supports access for those who are deaf, hard of hearing, low vision, blind or deaf-blind.

The 2-device real-time translation lets you verify the accuracy of the conversation as it is seen on the two screens:

ILA Specs:
Tablet: ILA Dimensions (inches): 10(H)x 5.5(W) ILA Weight: 3.16 lbs.

Tablet Specific Specs:
Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab A (SM-T290) Networking: ​802.11a/b/g/n Display 8.00-inch (1024x768)Processor 1.2GHz quad-core Front Camera 2MPRAM 1.5GB OS AndroidStorage 16GB Battery Capacity 4200mAh Bluetooth 4.2

Included with ILA:
Gigastone QuickCharge 3.0 Wall Charger
6 Foot Charging Cable
Android Y Splitter Cable (90 degrees)

Required Connectivity:
ILA’s must be able to connect to WiFi or hotspot to work Requires the use of port 443.

Supported Accessories:
Bluetooth Keyboards, External Mics External Speakers, Loop Systems for Hard of Hearing Braille Displays for the Deaf-Blind.

End to End Encryption Text is not saved by Vender As soon as info is displayed on both sides of ILA it is discarded Once the session ends the app does not save the conversation.

Remote Connectivity Requirement :
Remote connectivity to the ILA is possible using most internet browsers by going to a webpage and entering a code or by a direct link.
Contact us to set up access to live audio or video interpreters

Live Audio/Video Interpreters:
Contact us to set up access to live audio or video interpreters.

Advantages and Features 

Allows you to see your own speech to text so you can verify the accuracy.    

Ability to access a live interpreter right on the device.  Works remotely by connecting to ILA using a web browser on any internet connected device.

Can access existing free TRS services provided by the FCC.

 Gets better everyday without the need for upgrading the software.

   Supports external devices such as keyboards, braille displays and hearing aids.

   Once a language is chosen, the entire interface changes to that language.

   Supports ability to change font, color, size and background to support low vision and colorblind users.

How is ILA Different?

1. Having a 2 sided device allows translation in real time that lets you

see the full conversation like text messaging, so you always can see the

conversation on both sides as it is happening.

2. ILA supports accents to make translations much more accurate than any
other translation products on the market today.

3. Can work at a distance. Anyone can connect from anywhere in the world
with a link or a code.

4. Ability to add a live interpreter to conversation if needed.

The ILA Device

Why use an ILA? How is different than other communication hardware out on the market?

 1. The 2-device real-time transcription lets you see the full conversation like text messaging, so you always can see the conversation on both sides as it is happening in real-time.

2. ILA supports accents to make transcriptions much more accurate than any other AI product on the market today.

3. Secure, Advanced API and buffering that’s encrypted and HIPPA compliant.

4. Ability to add on live interpreter via VRI or VRS if needed.

 Welcome to TranslateLive's App

TranslateLive's Software allows any two people to easily and instantly set up a real-time live translated conversation using any two connected devices in over 120 different languages and dialects. Download our app and sign up for your Free Trial of TranslateLive's Software Today

How Easy Does it Work?

Sign up is free.

Once the account is created you will have a customisable code and link that you can share by email, text, chat, QR Code or they can enter the code on

The other person once they use link or code will pick their language and instantly join the conversation via web browser.

Both sides can speak, spell or type text which is instantly translated and shown or spoken to the other person in real time.

It’s encrypted, private, and can be used while on the phone or with other communication apps. Best part is you can be in the same room or across the world!

Advantages of Using Translate Live - Live Automated Language Translation

Real-Time Communication from any of the supported 120 languages using state of the art artificial intelligence.  Speak
naturally or type in your own language.

Communicate Using Your Own Device

Unlike most translation apps you do not have to be in the same room or pass a device back and forth. Both users can be anywhere in the world and communication seamlessly. Only one user needs to have Translate Live account.

Single Click and Easy Integration

Translate Live link can be easily added to website or existing call center so customers can contact you in any language.

Works on Any Two Devices With Web Browser

Translate Live doesn’t require an app to be downloaded, it works on existing web browsers. However, there is an app
available for account owners.

Text to Speech

Using the TranlsateLive app users are able to have their device speak the translated text.

Can Be Used at the Same Time with Other Communication Programs

TranslateLive can be used together with existing communication methods such as a phone call, Zoom, Skype, Go to Meeting, FaceTime….

Real-Time Transcript and Ability to Save

Account owner has the ability to choose if conversation can be saved at the end of session.

Secure and Private

Conversations are secure, encrypted and HIPPA compliant.

Low Bandwidth and Buffering Ability

Translate Live works even with low bandwidth. Communication can be buffered so it is still accurate.

Advanced API’s

Ability to integrate with other programs using secure API’s.

Works for Hard of Hearing or Deaf in Any Language

This service can be also used for those who are hard of hearing and have a hard time hearing on the phone. No matter what language they speak TranslateLive can be used to read other parties voice (Even if also in their native language)

If you meet any of the following please contact us at for information on approved current promotions.

  • Deaf, Hard of Hearing or Deaf/Blind.
  • Work for Federal, State or Local Government.
  • Work for K-12 or College Education.


Deaf/Hard of Hearing:

- Instant Speech to Text in any Language

- Hard of Hearing persons can respond by Speech to Text and the Deaf can respond by typing and having it spoken out loud. (This can be done for talking with someone who speaks the same language or any foreign language)

- Can be used in social interactions or at the workplace using the speech to text and text to speech features.

- Can be used instead of IPCTS when calling friends, family or anyone else willing to join their room. Allows for quicker communication without the use of an agent in their calls.

- Translation for travel to other countries

Blind/Low Vision:

- Ability to customize the background and text color as well

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ILA Pro Unlimited by TranslateLive

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