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Inspiration Software is V10IE - Single User License is now Available. 

We are super excited about the launch of Inspiration 10, due for release on the 1st September. As well as many enhancements to the software, we have introduced some brand new features into this latest version. Here is a short summary of what new features to expect in Inspiration 10.

Inspiration V10

For visual mapping, outlining, writing and making presentations.

NEW Inspiration 10 IE for Windows is a simple but powerful visual thinking tool for creating mind maps, concept maps, graphic organizers, outlines and presentations with ease! 

The Inspiration software makes it easy to capture ideas, structure thoughts and visually communicate concepts to strengthen understanding with the Diagram and Map Views. To take notes, organize information and structure writing plans for papers and reports, use the integrated Outline View to clarify thinking in written form.

Finally, you can effortlessly transfer your diagrams and outlines to Word, PowerPoint, PDF or as a graphics file.

What is New in Inspiration 10


DiagramSync for Web and Tree Style Diagrams (or a mixture of both!)

Users have been asking for it, so we’ve delivered it! Once you’ve captured your ideas in the Diagram View and then switched to the Outline View, by default main topics are sorted in the initial order of thinking; and subtopics, in the order they were linked to their parent topic.

But what if you lay out the symbols in your diagram in a way, that you want the ordering in the Outline View to reflect?

Before version 10, you would separately drag and drop the topics and sub topic sections accordingly in the Outline View. But users wanted a quicker and automated way to do this. So in version 10 we have introduced DiagramSync for web and tree style diagrams (top down, bottom up, left and right). Your document can even be a mixture of these structures!

If you want to synchronize your outline to the arrangement of your symbols in a web or tree structure, all you need to do is click on the DiagramSync button. In a matter of seconds, your Outline View is resorted accordingly.

Sorting will be calculated at each topic/ subtopic level, using one of 3 rules. A diagram can have a mixture of layouts.

Drag and drop more media types and files into your Inspiration document - to embed or hyperlink

We’ve made it even easier to embed and hyperlink files into your Inspiration document by simply dragging and dropping files in.

Import .txt and .rtf files to create topic symbols and outlines with accompanying notes

If you have a page of notes created in either a text editor or word processor such as Word, you can now import it into Inspiration 10. To do this, save the file as a .txt or .rtf file. Then in Inspiration, go to File

-> Open, and select the .txt or .rtf file.

Inspiration 10 will open this as an outline of topics, with any accompanying notes. The document can be worked on diagrammatically by switching to the Diagram View, to start organising and structuring each topic.

Unicode support for non-English character sets

Inspiration 10 will allow users to type in or paste in foreign language characters, which can also be exported to Word or PowerPoint.

Create mind maps, concept maps, webs, idea maps, graphic organizers, process flows and other diagrams for thinking, organizing and writing. Use these proven visual thinking and learning techniques to brainstorm ideas, explore and explain relationships, and integrate new knowledge with what you already know. Inspiration encourages deeper, more critical thinking and that improves creativity, comprehension and retention. 

  • Brainstorm by capturing ideas quickly with the RapidFire® tool. 
  • Represent information and trigger memory with symbols and images. Choose from Inspiration’s symbol libraries with 3000+ images, searchable by keyword, or import your own.
  • Explain the relationship between ideas with linking phrases – choose from a list of common phrases or write in your own. 
  • Jumpstart the writing process by adding notes to symbols. 
  • Organize ideas effortlessly using the Arrange tool or to create various tree charts and webs
  • Highlight key concepts and group information with different text and link colours and font styles.


Organize ideas and think through projects and assignments more effectively using Inspiration’s Outline View. Structure your work for planning and writing. Learn how to brainstorm and create essay outlines to support the writing process. Gather and keep track of research information and develop a logical flow for written and oral communication. 

With Outline View, you can quickly develop main and supporting ideas and add detail helping you write to a purpose. Outlining, paired with the integrated visual views, lets you move seamlessly between visual and written expressions of your thinking to expand and refine ideas and produce quality work.

·         Transform diagrams and mind maps to outlines with one click. 

·         Continue the writing process by adding topics, subtopics and notes text. Diagram View and Map View update automatically. 

·         Organize ideas and information with power outlining tools.

·         Keep visual connections intact. See associated symbols and linking phrases from Diagram View in Outline View. 

·         Meet word and page count requirements with Word Count.


Improve communication and share what you’ve learned with Inspiration’s Presentation Manager. Use the content you’ve developed in Diagram, Map and Outline Views and expand your work into more thoughtful and compelling presentations and final projects. Inspiration provides all the tools to create organized, polished, formal presentations that convey ideas clearly and demonstrate your understanding and knowledge. Use the FREE Inspiration Presenter to show your presentation easily on Windows computers, or export to PowerPoint or PDF.

SHARE FILES WITH INSPIRATION MAPS for iOS Import & export documents between Inspiration 10 and Inspiration Maps.

Inspiration Maps is a visual thinking and learning app for iPads and iPhones. Build beautiful diagrams, graphic organizers and outlines with ease! Getting organized has never been this simple. 


Transfer your work to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to streamline and support project completion.

Save documents as PDFs.

Print your work from Diagram, Map and Outline Views and from the Presentation Manager.  

Use the Site Skeleton® export to transform diagrams into HTML web sites. 

Export diagrams and mind maps as .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp or .wmf files to insert in other documents.

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Inspiration Software V10 IE -Single User Eng. Download

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