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How does PDF Annotator work?

·    Add notes & annotations to any PDF document:
Comments, corrections, signatures, highlighting, even photos and drawings.

And on Tablet PCs: Handwritten annotations.

·    Save annotations in the original file.
Share them with coworkers, email them to clients, partners or back to authors.
No special software is needed to view the marked up document!

·    Restore to the original document at any time.
Remove or hide all markup with a single click.

·    Insert blank pages for more space.
Combine documents, copy, re-order or remove pages.

·     Use PDF Annotator's unique presentation mode:
Deliver outstanding interactive presentations in meetings or lectures with PDF Annotator as your "digital whiteboard".0

Who needs PDF Annotator?

You do, if you want to:

·      Make a short comment on a long document

·        Fill in or sign a form or agreement, and return it by email

·        Proofread, review and correct a document right on your screen

·        Make notes and drawings right on the pages

·        Illustrate your ideas and suggestions

·        Grade student papers right on your PC, laptop or Tablet PC

Type, Write & Highlight

Type Comments on PDF

Type your thoughts and comments right into the document.

Use text boxes of various styles to make your comments stand out.

All annotations will be saved back directly into the PDF, so they can be viewed and read with any PDF reader application.

Freehand Annotations with the Pen Tool

Simply write your comments directly into the document!

Use various pens in all kinds of styles, line widths and colors.

Experience PDF Annotator's best-of-its-class handwriting quality with true digital ink - high res and pressure sensitive.

Highlight Content with the Text Marker

Use the highlighter to make important passages stand out.

Select between an unlimited number of colors and line widths.

Search for text in your PDF and highlight all search hits with one click.

Auto Smooth

PDF Annotator's intelligent logic recognizes attempts to draw straight lines, and turns them into perfectly straight lines.

Especially useful for underlining, striking out, or emphasizing text manually.

Sign PDF Documents

Sign documents on your tablet!

Place your signature anywhere on the PDF.

Save the PDF and send it back - no more printing, signing and scanning or faxing back of paperwork!

You're on the road with no printer or fax machine access? Simply use PDF Annotator to sign and send back documents.

Align Annotations

Deliver clean layouts by aligning your annotations with PDF Annotator's powerful align tools.

Left align form entries for clear and professional layouts, take care of equal distances between text boxes, or center text.

Symbol Stamps

Choose between a wide range of modern icons and symbols: PDF Annotator comes with more than 330 predefined stamps.

Date Stamps

Use these predefined stamps to stamp the current date onto your PDFs. Choose between various date and time formats.

Custom Stamps

Create custom stamps - there are no limits! Convert any kind of annotation into a stamp to reuse it later, even combinations of

images, symbols, text and handwritten markup.

Signature Stamps

Sign & send back documents with just two clicks!

Save your signature as a stamp, so you can position it on PDFs with a single click.

Save the PDF and send it back - no more printing, signing and scanning or faxing back of paperwork!

You're away from your office with no access to a printer or fax machine? Simply use PDF Annotator to sign and send back


Duplicate Stamps / Stamp All Pages

Duplicate any markup (stamps, text boxes, handwritten comments) to all pages.

Stamp all pages of a PDF document.

Transfer a single markup to all pages.

Page Numbers

Add page numbers to PDF documents. Pick the numbering scheme, format and positioning you prefer. Even supports multiple

page number ranges.

Page numbers of course automatically update when you add or delete pages from the PDF document in PDF Annotator.

Add Markup & Images

Arrow, Line, Rectangle & Circle Tools

Place arrows, draw lines, rectangles or circles to highlight important stuff on your document - or even to create small schematic


Insert Images

Place photos or other images on PDF, then mark them up using the pen, marker or text tools.

Need to point out something on a photo? Just start with a blank new PDF document, place the photo in the middle of it, and use the

pen tool, arrows or the circle tool to mark it up.

PDF Annotator supports more than 40 image formats, including most popular formats like JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP.

Capture from Camera

Capture photos from your internal or external USB camera, and place them on your PDF.

We support tablet cameras, web cams, and document cameras (UVC / USB Video Class compatible).

Image Editor

Use our embedded image editor to crop and rotate inserted or captured images.

Make images transparent with a single click, e.g. to crop a signature scan, and create a stamp from it.

Pixelize Images

Use our embedded image editor to obfuscate areas within images.

Pixelize faces, license plates, and sensible data in images inserted into PDF documents.

Group & Lock Annotations

Group annotations to keep them together, and un-group them again any time.

Lock annotations to avoid moving or deleting them unintentionally. Unlock them again, whenever you need to.

Add Margins & Crop Pages

Gain more space for annotations by adding additional page margins.

Crop pages to get rid of unwanted whitespace around documents' main content.

Print to PDF Annotator

Create PDF documents from virtually any application by printing them to the Print to PDF Annotator virtual PDF printer.

Convert DOC, XSL, PPT, ... to PDF

Simply select the Print command in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, your email software, or any

other application, to create a PDF document.

Immediately add your notes or comments to the newly created PDF using the annotation tools.

This is PDF creation made super easy - with the opportunity to add comments with no extra steps.

New Documents with Templates

Start from scratch with blank new documents using one of dozens of integrated templates with lines or squares, or just begin with

a blank page.

Create your own template from any PDF document.

Add additional pages later - automatically using the same background template.

Let PDF Annotator be your notebook!

Convert Images, Pictures, and Photos to PDF

Convert JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and many other types of images to PDF.

Just click "File, Open" and select any image file to convert to PDF.

Center images on blank new PDF documents, or automatically convert to single page PDFs.

Create Digital Copies of Secured PDFs

Got a PDF document that does not allow editing or commenting by requiring an author password?

Turn password protected PDFs into new, editable PDFs using the built-in Digital Copy feature.

Password Protect PDF

Set passwords and restrictions for your PDFs.

Require an "open password" to open the PDF document.

Set permissions to edit, print, or copy content from a PDF file.

Set a separate password to edit or remove these restrictions.

Integrate & Collaborate

Save to PDF & Open in Any Viewer

All annotations added in PDF Annotator save directly into your PDF. No special software is required to view your annotations.

Any PDF viewer, including Adobe® Reader®, will be able to display your annotations. Send your marked up files to coworkers,

customers, friends or family, they will all be able to view and print your annotations. Even if they don't own PDF Annotator.

Send as Email Attachment

Send your marked up document as email attachment with just a single click.

Melt Annotations

Want to avoid others being able to modify your annotations in PDF Annotator? Melt them, so they will become permanent.

Locate Annotations & Print Reports

Use the powerful Annotations Sidebar to quickly locate mark-up.

Received a long document with just a small number of comments on it? Find them easily using the Annotations view.

Create reports to list all annotations you made on a document.

Import & Export Annotations

Want to move existing annotations from one version of a document to a newer one? Just export all your annotations and import them on the new version.

Extract & Copy Text, Select Text Actions

Easily select text in the original PDF and perform various actions on it:

Copy text to paste it somewhere else in the document, or into other documents or applications.

Underline, strike-through or mark up selected text in different colors.

Search for the selected text on Google, Bing, or your favorite search engine or translation service.

Integrate into other applications by sending selected text to them.


Take a snapshot of any part of your document to save as image, copy to clipboard, or even create a stamp from it.

Easily snap a part of a page and paste the snapshot on a blank new page to mark it up extensively.

PDF Portfolios & Attachments

PDF Portfolios collect a number of PDF documents, which can be opened and viewed with PDF Annotator.

Add file attachments to your PDF documents or save existing attachments to open and edit them in their home applications.

Copy & Paste Digital Ink

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